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  • Food security and food production systems 

    Porter, J. R,; Xie, L,; Challinor, A. J,; Cochrane, K,; Howden, S. M,; Iqbal, M. M,; Travasso, M. I .; Barros, V.R.,; C.B. Field,; D.J. Dokken,; M.D. Mastrandrea,; K.J. Mach,; T.E. Bilir,; M. Chatterjee,; K.L. Ebi,; Y.O. Estrada,; R.C. Genova,; B. Girma,; E.S. Kissel,; A.N. Levy,; S. MacCracken,; P.R. Mastrandrea,; L.L. White