Lessons from UNEA -2: Ensure Broader, Deeper Engagement in a Focused UNEA -3: Voices from Civil Society - UNEP Perspectives Issue No. 22

United Nations Environment Programme (2016-09)

The second session of the United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA-2) took place in May 2016, as a true mult-stakeholder event, bringing together an unprecedented number of representatives from governments, civil society, international organizations, the private sector and academia. Following UNEA-2, UN Environment asked a number of UNEA participants- representing Major Groups and Stakeholders -to give us their views on UNEA-2, what went well, what could be improved in the future and what their expectations for UNEA-3 are.Perspectives issue no. 22 presents the responses we received from eight individuals, representing NGOs, women,indigenous peoples and local communities as well as business and industry.