The British river of the future: How climate change and human activity might affect two contrasting river ecosystems in England

Johnson, A. C., ; Acreman, M. C., ; Dunbar, M. J., ; Feist, S. W., ; Giacomello, A. M., ; Gozlan, R. E., ; Hinsley, S. A., ; Ibbotson, A. T., ; Jarvie, H. P., ; Jones, J. I., ; Longshaw, M., ; Maberly, S. C., ; Marsh, T. J., ; Neal, C., ; Newman, J. R., ; Nunn, M. A., ; Pickup, R. W., ; Reynard, N. S., ; Sullivan, C. A., ; Sumpter, J. P., ; Williams, R. J.

Journal Article