Safegurding the blue planet : six strategies for accelerating ocean protection

Hastings, Jesse ; Thomas, Sebastian ; Burgener, Valerie ; Gjerde, Kristina ; Laffoley, Dan ; Salm, Rod ; McCook, Laurence ; Soede, Lida Pet ; Eichbaum, William M. ; Bottema, Mariska ; Hemley, Ginette ; Tanzer, John ; Roberts, Callum ; Govan, Hugh ; Fox.Helen E.

The oceans are facing greater pressures now than at any other time in human history. Marine; protected areas (MPAs), nested within a wider approach of ecosystem-based management, have; consistently emerged as one of the most important tools in halting the oceans’ decline and promoting; their recovery. The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Aichi Target 11 calls for at least 10 per; cent of coastal and marine areas to be conserved through effectively and equitably managed,; ecologically representative and well connected systems of protected areas by 2020; unfortunately,; most of the Parties are not on track to meet this commitment. To contribute to this effort, this paper; details six strategies that can accelerate MPA establishment and create resilient MPA management; models around the world. These strategies (build public-private partnerships to change how MPAs are; designed and financed; strengthen links between MPAs, local communities and livelihood needs;; manage MPAs to enhance carbon stocks and address climate change; act on high seas conservation; and initiate MPAs immediately; reframe thinking about the benefits of MPAs; and use technology to; connect people with the oceans) can help ensure that the oceans are protected, well managed, and; provide livelihood benefits for humanity far into the future.

Journal Article