Understanding and Valuing the Marine Ecosystem Services of the Northern Mozambique Channel

United Nations Environment Programme (2015-06-17)

The Northern Mozambique Channel lies between northwest Madagascar, northern Mozambique and southern Tanzania, containing the islands of the Comoros Archipelago and some of the Iles Eparses, strung along the center of the channel. The northern part of the channel is home to ten million people living in five countries (Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Comoros and France) is a treasure trove of natural riches, both living and mineral. Bordered by the region is the 2nd richest in the world in terms of coral reef biodiversity, a strategic shipping passage, supporting 30% of global tanker traffic, a rich fishing ground with tuna fisheries worth $2 billion/yr in the Western Indian Ocean, a reservoir for small-scale fishers whoaccount for 70-80% of all catches a future major producer of natural gas, with over 100 trillion cubic feet known as of 2015 and an increasingly popular destination for coastal tourism and diving.