Mauritius shares their experience in promoting cleaner and more fuel efficient vehicle strategies with Africa

Airquality and Mobility Unit (2017-10-12)

Mauritius is one of the leading developing countries in the implementation of cleaner and more fuel efficient vehicle strategies under the Global Fuel Economy Initiative. Mauritius was the first developing country to adopt a feebate tax structure that taxes inefficient vehicles higher and provides a refund to cleaner vehicles. This tax structure was instrumental in promoting the import of modern, more fuel efficient vehicle technologies into the country. With support from GEF funding, the UN Environment has been facilitating Mauritius to review the country’s vehicle and fuel policies and to develop additional policies that can be implemented to further encourage the import and use of cleaner vehicles. The experience of Mauritius in implementing such policies and the proposed additional policy recommendations were presented to stakeholders from the Southern Africa Community Development (SADC) countries and other African countries at a workshop that was held on 12-13 October 2017 in Port Louis, Mauritius.

Meeting report/proceedings