Enforcement of Environmental Law: Good Practices From Africa and Asia (Volume II): Co-operation between United Nations Environment Programme and China

United Nations Environment Programme ; China ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Centre (2017-12)

This second volume of selected good practices in enforcement of environmental law from African and Asia countries compiles and documents a set of good practices that were shared from enforcement experts who attended the Second Africa-Asia Expert Meeting on Enforcement of Environmental Law, held in Kunming, China, 1-4 December 2015. The good practices are presented in three categories accordingly: (i) innovative joint enforcement action (Chapter 2), (ii) legal aspects of calculation and compensation of environmental damage (Chapter 3), and (iii) measuring enforcement actions (Chapter 4), with the intention of providing other countries with different perspectives and options that can be used to strengthen their environment enforcement systems. At the end of each category of good practices, the challenges related to that topic are identified and the recommendations are put forward to address those challenges.

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