Justification for proposed: Shah Foladi mountain landscape conservation area

United Nations Environment Programme (2014)

The following document provides information and justification for the legal designation of the Shah Foladi National Protected Area as Afghanistan’s third protected area as stipulated in Article 42(2) of Afghanistan’s Environment Law. The proposal to designate Shah Foladi includes the following elements: Justification for the establishment of the protected area and the category of protection proposed; A physical survey of the proposed protected area; A socio-economic survey of the local human population with a description of the traditional uses of natural resources in the area and the potential impact of each category of protection provided in Article 40;  A report on collaboration with central and local relevant government departments and local communities, in determining the boundaries and category of the area; Comments and suggestions from relevant ministries, central and local relevant departments and local communities concerning the area; And a description of any compensatory measures that may need to be taken into consideration as a result of establishment of the protected area.

Policy/strategy document