Hazard and Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (HCVCA) Toolkit: The Afghanistan Resilience Consortium’s Guide to Assessing community Resilience and Vulnerability to Natural Hazards and Climate Change in Afghanistan

United Nations Environment Programme ; Afghanistan Resilience Consortium (2017-12)

The following Hazard and Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (HCVCA) toolkit has been developed based on in country experience applying community-based and participatory tools with more than 450 communities across eight of Afghanistan’s most hazard-prone provinces. The toolkit objective is to provide development practitioners, community leaders, and decision-makers a framework for researching, analysing, and understanding the underlying causes of vulnerability to natural hazards and climate change in rural Afghanistan. Armed with this greater knowledge, it is hoped that a foundation for resilience-building activities can be established and concrete actions can be taken to better prepare rural Afghanistan’s communities against natural hazards and the adverse impacts of climate change.

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