Tamara Fruit: From seed to blossom in Armenia

United Nations Environment Programme (2018-01-04)

Tamara Fruit is one of Armenia’s leading food production companies, specialising in fruit, berry and vegetable preserves, purees, deep frozen and bee products. The origins of this company date back to Armenian independence, when conditions for private entrepreneurship improved. The food industry was among the most successful in Armenia to recover and re-orientate towards new opportunities offered by market economies in transition. This involved finding new markets, positioning themselves on those markets and continuously improving marketing skills and product competitiveness so as to enter the global free market. Tamara Fruit first sold locally in Armenia, with some exports to Russia – but the company’s ambitions did not stop there. At the time, Russia was the biggest export destination. Yet Armenia was headed for a Trade Association Agreement with the European Union, pushing companies to diversify exports and discover new markets. By 2005, Tamara Fruit had the European Union’s organic market in its sights. The family-owned company was able to gain organic certification in Armenian through ECOGLOBE and is now one of the leading organic producers and promoters of value chains and exporters in Armenia.

Case study