Agroecology: Pioneering Organic

United Nations Environment Programme (2017-09-19)

In the 1970s, the thought of not using pesticides and chemicals in agriculture was unheard of. The focus at the time was centered around building profits and yields with the use of chemicals. The aim in switching to organic was to help protect the environment, and to improve the health of people in collaboration with nature. In 1978, Agroecology, a Ukrainian based company, refused using herbicides, pesticides and other agrochemicals. At the time, there were no other such companies in the Ukraine, making Agroecology the only organic farm in the region preserving and increasing soil fertility as part of its production process. Today Agroecology is a family run company certified by Organic Standard according to the EU regulation and Bio Suisse standards. They operate out of over 7’000 hectares of organic arable land in the Central Ukraine region of Poltava. The company produces a wide array of produce, including millet, wheat, buckwheat, sunflower, fine ground barley, oat flaks, and rye flower, to name a few. Along with crop produce, Agroecology has 6’000 dairy cattle, which are key for the company’s success in improving soil fertility.

Case study