National Report: The Role of China’s Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations in Marine Litter Control

United Nations Environment Programme ; Northwest Pacific Action Plan (2013-12)

A number of environmental non-governmental organizations ENGOs have taken substantial measures to control marine litter in China. However, in comparison to other member states within and outside of the region, Chinese ENGO activities have been relatively under-recognized by the public, the local government, and regional and international organizations. In order to facilitate the communication and collaboration of other partners (e.g. governments, regional and international organizations, private sectors and the public) with Chinese ENGOs under the GPML framework, the author presents this national report on the work of Chinese ENGOs in marine litter control under the SSFA signed between CRAES and NOWPAP RCU. This report aims to provide the most up-to-date information regarding their activities and an in-depth analysis of their legal status, which is highly relevant to their development.

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