OzoNews Volume XIX - 30 March 2019

United Nations Environment Programme (2019-03-30)

In this issue: 1. Farewell to Shamila Nair-Bedouelle 2. Implications of constant CFC-11 concentrations for the future ozone layer 3. Helping enforcement catch up with environmental laws 4. Colossal barocaloric effects in plastic crystals 5. ASHRAE/UNEP Lower-GWP Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Innovation Award 6. Sustainability in Africa’s maritime industry 7. Development of a National Cooling Plan for Trinidad and Tobago 8. The Naturally Cool Movement 9. Ozone depleting substances turn-in procedures (USA) 10. A Case for Closing the Case: Retro-Fitting Open Refrigeration - Upcoming US EPA GreenChill Webinar 11. Practicing energy saving to protect ozone layer (Vietnam) 12. Bahrain discuss with Japan the development of a center for the studies of the HVAC sector 13. EFCTC introduces illegal refrigerant reporting “hotline”