Survey of SAICM Focal Points on the Need for Information on Chemicals in Products - Results document

United Nations Environment Programme (2009-12)

This report presents the results of a survey circulated to all SAICM focal points in October, 2009 and aimed at collecting views from SAICM stakeholders on: (1) CiP information systems in use or under development and the current state-of-the-art, including needs and gaps, in exchanging CiP information; (2) the CiP information needs of various stakeholders at different points in the lifecycle of a product; and (3) priorities for CiP information on specific product groups or sectors. The report will be used as input to the work to the CiP Project and in the December 2009 Scoping Meeting for the Study of Stakeholder Needs for Information on Chemicals in Products, which will provide focus to the work that will take place in the next phase of the CiP project.

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