The Evolving Chemicals Economy: Status and Trends Relevant for Sustainability - Global Chemicals Outlook II Part I

United Nations Environment Programme (2019)

Part I provides information on progress made towards the implementation of the 2020 goal, focusing on impact indicators. Findings indicate that the international community is not on track to minimize the adverse impacts of chemicals and waste on human health and the environment. It includes the following chapters: 1/ The chemical industry; 2/ Trends in production and sales of speci c chemicals; 3/ Megatrends and chemical-intensive industry sectors: risks and opportunities; 4/ Global supply chains, chemicals in products, and circularity; 5/ Chemical pollution: emissions, releases and wastes; 6/ Concentrations of chemicals in the environment and humans; 7/ Environmental, health and social e ects of chemicals; and 8/ The economic bene ts of action and the costs of inaction.

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