Advancing and Sharing Chemicals Management Tools and Approaches: Taking Stock, Looking into the Future - Global Chemicals Outlook II Part III

United Nations Environment Programme (2019)

Part III provides insights into the progress made, as well as gaps and opportunities concerning science-based approaches, tools, methodologies and instruments used in managing chemicals to protect human health and the environment. Valuable lessons have been learned over the past decades in the practical application of these approaches, tools, methodologies and instruments. In addition, opportunities have emerged to enhance their effectiveness, simplify their use, and employ them more systematically in all countries. Part III includes the following chapters: 1/ Hazard assessment: progress in information generation and hazard characterization; 2/ Exposure assessment: bene ting from internationally available resources; 3/ Risk assessment: opportunities to improve and accelerate progress; 4/ Risk management decision-making: making it work in all countries; 5/ Assessment of chemical and non-chemical alternatives: focusing on solutions; 6/ Chemical risk management in facilities and during production; and 7/ Approaches to sustainability assessment.

Chapters and Articles