OzoNews Volume XIX - 15 May 2019

United Nations Environment Programme (2019-05-15)

In this issue: 1. Upcoming Eighty-third meeting of the Executive Committee, 2. 32 Years and Healing - Theme for World Ozone Day 2019, 3. International action on HFCs through the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, 4. Maritime sector urged to replace HFCs with natural refrigerants, 5. Ozone monitoring team spots "fingerprints" on Earth's atmosphere, 6. ‘Ozone Layer Depletion Threat to Human Health, Environment’ (Gambia), 7. Brasil ganha tecnologia natural inofensiva à Camada de Ozônio, 8. Data in the driver’s seat: leak patterns in observed data and how it can help reduce emissions - US EPA GreenChill upcoming webinar, 9. Govt, UNDP join hands to implement US$ 3.3m project (Bangladesh), 10. Stakeholders Join Hands to Boost Cooling Efficiency in BRI Countries, 11. Workshop on coordinating the Gulf position on the Montreal Protocol - Saudi Arabia, 12. Armenia and Montenegro recently ratified the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.