Djibouti: Ecosystem-based Adaptation 2010-2016

United Nations Environment Programme (2019)

Djibouti is a small arid country where the availability of water is a key development constraint that inflicts crops and livestock. 85% of the 890,000 Djiboutians live in urban coastal areas, but these regions are showing severe signs of degradation from climate change. UN Environment supported the government of Djibouti in building adaptation across the country. The project "Implementing NAPA Priority Interventions to Build Resilience in the Most Vulnerable Coastal Zones in Djibouti" was located in two sites: Khor Angar in the North and Damerjog in the South. Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) was central to the project’s activities. EbA is the tactic of using nature and healthy ecosytems to reduce the impacts of climate change.