OzoNews Volume XIX -15 June 2019

United Nations Environment Programme (2019-06-15)

In this issue: 1. World Refrigeration Day: 26 June 2019 - Refrigerants for Life 2. Nicaragua asume compromiso ambiental y cumple protocolo de Montreal 3. Study identifies chemical blends as possible alternative refrigerants 4. Sri Lanka: ‘ahead of the curve’ in clean cooling 5. Japan tightening HFC recovery regulations 6. Rising demand for air conditioning could make climate change even worse. But a new $1 million prize could boost climate-friendly AC technology 7. Phosphine is a safe and effective fumigant, claims study 8. The European Fluorocarbons Technical Committeelooks to stem carriage of illegal refrigerants 9. Increasing energy efficiency while phasing-down HFCs: showcasing the EU example 10. Belarusian polar explorers considering spending first winter in Antarctica in 2020-2021