Report of the Meeting of the Regional Group of Experts on the International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN)

United Nations Environment Programme (2002-03-21)

A group of coral reef experts, nominated by the countries in the East Asian Seas region, were invited to the First Meeting of the Regional Group of Experts on ICRAN to provide guidance to UNEP East Asian Seas Regional Coordinating Unit (EAS/RCU) in implementing the ICRAN Project in the region. The participants were asked to propose and justify potential sites for project Implementation, and recommend a network of partners to implement activities at the proposed sites. The sites were proposed in the context of three focal areas – marine protected areas, community-based management, and sustainable use for tourism. Two sets of sites were proposed: (1) demonstration sites where a reasonable level of successful coral reef management had been achieved, and where these practices could be translated to less successful sites, and (2) target sites with a clear need for urgent management action to prevent further degradation of coral resources.

Meeting reports and proceedings