Guidelines of Lake Management Volume 2: Socio-Economic Aspects of Lake Reservoir Management

United Nations Environment Programme ; International Lake Environment Committee (1989)

Contents: Utilization of Water Resources and Problems of Lake Management / T. Kira; Understanding of the state of the lake environment from a socio-cultural perceptive - an example of Lake Biwa, Japan / Y. Kada; Profile A: Discontinuation of the Lake Shinji and Nakaumi Project / K. Kihara; The publics role in lake management the experience in the Great Lakes / J. Jackson and T. Eder; Profile B: Lake Balaton / V. Istvanovics; Water resource management: planning and implementation / M.M. Hufschmidt and D.S. McCauley; Effective moriftoring of lake waters / A.K. Biswas; Integrated land-water systems and their possible modern application / H. Loffler; Economic analysis of water resource development / J.A. Dixon; Cost sharing for lake/reservoir management: Issuesand principles / K.W. Easter and J. J. Waelti; Profile C: The management of Lake Dianchi - China / L. Hongilang and J. Zhang; Profile D: Lake Biwa - Japan / N. Nakamura; Local social and environmental impacts of water resource developments / A. Sendama; Profile E: The social impacts of the creation of Lake Kariba / C.H.D. Magadza; Problems and issues in compensatory measures related to water resource developments / S. Matsui; Profile F: Amazonian reservoirs -Brazil / J.G. Tundisi; Socio-econornic and cultural approaches to involuntary population resettlement / M.M. Cemea; Profile G: Srinagarind dam - Thailand / B. Barrett; Profile H: The Saguling dam project - Indonesia / E. Brotoisworo; Water resources development and water quality management in brackish lakes / H. Harasawa; Profile I: Lake Songkhla - Thailand / S. Sunthorn; Profile J: Lake Kasumigaura - Japan / H. Harasawa; Profile K: Socio-economic profile of Laguna Lake Basin / E.P. Pacardo.

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