Inventory and Monitoring of Sahelian Pastoral Ecosystems Annex 7: Woody Vegetation in the Sahel - GEMS Sahel Series No. 7

United Nations Environment Programme ; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ; Senegal (1988)

The present document, the seventh in the series, reviews the status and trend of the woody plant cover in the Sahel. The history of the climate of the Sahel is used to place the recent droughts in context. Changes in the ecology of the woody plant in the Sahel due to man's activities are examined and compared with the changes brought about by alterations in climate. Possible ways of rehabilitation the woodlands of the Sahel are discussed, and particular emphasis is placed on the need to involve the rural population in decisions and projects, and on the need to make legislative changes appropriate to current conditions. The document includes recommendations for future research and action designed to reverse the deforestation currently afflicting the Sahel. In support and Illustration of some of the trends reported in the literature, the document presents data from case studies of three areas in the Ferlo.

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