Hydrazine Health and Safety Guide - Health and Safety Guide 56

United Nations Environment Programme ; World Health Organization ; International Labour Organisation (1991)

Anhydrous hydrazine, and aqueous solutions, are colourless liquids. Anhydrous hydrazine is a caustic, fuming, hygroscopic liquid at normal temperature and pressure. It has an ammoniacal, fishy, and pungent odour. The odour perception threshold is 4-9 mg/rn . A 1:1 mixture of anhydrous hydrazine in water (hydrazine monohydrate) containing 64% by weight of hydrazine, fumes slightly in air and has an ammoniacal odour. Hydrazine is infinitely soluble in water and may be flammable and explosive up to a concentration of 400 gilitre (40%). Hydrazine is basic, and is a strong reducing agent.

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