Proceedings of the UNEP Workshop on Biological Effects of Pollutants: RCU/EAS Technical Report Series No. 3

United Nations Environment Programme (1994)

This volume of the Regional Coordinating Unit for the East Asian Seas Action Plan (EASIRCU) Technical Reports Series contains the proceedings of the Phuket Workshop on Biological Effects of Pollutants. The main thrust of the Workshop, as perceived by the COBSEA, was essentially capacity-building in the form of training of the scientists of the countries of the region in the state of the art methodologies and techniques for assessing and monitoring the biological effects of pollutants in the marine environment. It was expected that these scientists will in turn impart their newly acquired skills to others back in their national laboratories and institutions. Furthermore, the objectives of the Workshop were also selected in a manner so as to bring them close to those of the IOC/UNEP Group of Experts on the Effects of Pollutants (GEEP). Thus, ensuring that the results of latest methodologies in monitoring and assessment of the biological effects of pollutants in the marine environment, in as much as possible of a standardized manner in the region, be made available for the effective management of the region's coastal and marine areas.

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