Arendal II Workshop Report - UNEP and CGIAR Cooperation on Data, Capacity Building and Networking Needs for the Use of Geographical Information Systems in Agricultural Research

United Nations Environment Programme ; GRID-Arendal (1995)

The primary objective of the workshop was to provide a sound basis for project planning and implementation. With this in mind and with the indicated directions emerging from the Washington meeting, the main thrusts of Arendal II were: - establishing understanding of the current situation i.e. revisiting relevant activities and existing capabilities in CG and UNEP/GRID Centers; - determining CC Centers' priority needs for data and information in the key subject matter areas and discussion of how these may best be met; - ensuring awareness of the communication facilities available and exploring possible mechanisms for net working of various types; - investigating the type and level of capacity required In Centers and how these might be put in place and operate effectively formulation of conclusions and discussion of project scope, approach, planning and resourcing.

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