UNEP'S Mandate in Desertification Control

United Nations Environment Programme (1994)

UNEP's mandate for desertification control is based on almost twenty years of Governing Council and General Assembly Resolutions, frequently updated. These have been supplemented recently by resolutions of other groups such as AMCEN. Agenda 21, Chapters 12 and 38, in particular, also contain instructions for UNEP, as does the new Resolution for Urgent Action in Africa and the Convention text itself. A complete dossier of these resolutions and decisions are available as Annexes A, B, C and D. A complete review of these resolutions has been made with a view to their implications and whether any have been clearly superseded, or whether modifications might be proposed to clarify or consolidate their effect. It is apparent that the recommendations of the Convention text, and of the Resolution for Urgent Action in Africa, tend to reinforce in many respects the previous mandate rather than replace it. The probable exceptions relate only to the mechanisms required for following the progress of the UN Plan of Action. The results of the review underway by ELI/PAC and DC/PAC will be incorporated in Annexes and the principal conclusions indicated in the final version of this section. The Annexes also contains a consolidated collection of abbreviated resolutions and articles from the General Assembly, the Governing Council, Agenda 21, Chapters 12 and 38 and the Convention and AMCEN. All of these relate closely either to UNEP or to desertification control, or specifically to both.

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