Coral Reefs of the World Volume 2: Indian Ocean, Red Sea and Gulf

United Nations Environment Programme ; International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) ; Conservation Monitoring Centre (CMC) (1988)

The Directory Consists of three volumes covering 1) the Wider Caribbean, Atlantic and Eastern Pacific, 2) the Indian Ocean (up to and including South-east Asia), the Red Sea and the "Gulf" (i.e. the body of water between Saudi Arabia and Iran, commonly referred to as the Arabian or Persian Gulf) and 3) the Pacific and Australasia. This volume (2) includes 41 countries in the region extending from the East African coast, Red Sea and Gulf, east to the Philippines, Indonesia and Western Australia within the Afrotropical and Indomalayan Realms as defined by Udvardy (1975) (Eastern Australia is covered in Volume 3).

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