Outcomes Document of the First GEO for Youth Authors Meeting – UN Conference Centre, Bangkok, June 25-27, 2018

United Nations Environment Programme (2019)

A selected group of authors met at the UN Conference Centre, Bangkok to scope out the work for drafting the derivative product, GEO for Youth, including: Develop the storyline, structure and deliverables of the Global GEO for Youth, report, and agree on the work plan for its preparation, including: • develop the structure and length, report style in e-book format; • identify key advocacy, communication and educational material supporting the main report [GEO-6]; • develop preliminary ideas on content for each chapter and section: narratives, data, indicators, case studies, etc. • develop the work plan, timetable and drafting responsibilities, • Identify new potential authors Expose young upcoming scholars and integrated environmental assessment practitioners to global science-policy process: • interaction with multidisciplinary scientists from across the world; • understanding of collaborative mechanisms in policy consensus building, as well as the GEO participatory approach and the assessment methodology.

Resolutions, Decisions and Outcome Documents