OzoNews Volume XIX - 30 November 2019

United Nations Environment Programme (2019-11-30)

In this issue: 1. Kigali Amendment latest ratifications 2. Montreal Protocol talks further commitment to protect ozone layer and climate 3. Thirty years on, what is the Montreal Protocol doing to protect the ozone? 4. Twenty questions and answers about the ozone layer: 2018 update 5. Lower-GWP alternatives in stationary air conditioning: A compilation of case studies 6. Sustainable cooling for a healthy future 7. Clean up the cooling sector and save on energy bills 8. Governing complexity: How can the interplay of multilateral environmental agreements be harnessed for effective international market-based climate policy instruments? 9. The Cooling Imperative: Forecasting the size and source of future cooling demand - K-CEP Webinar 10. East African countries build their capacity and strengthen cooperation to combat illegal trade in ozone depleting substances 11. African ministers of the environment call for fast climate action on super pollutants 12. Cabinet approves amendments to environment and ozone regulations (Seychelles) 13. Agencies join forces in methyl bromide monitoring programme (New Zealand) 14. GrainCorp fined $40,000 for environmental breaches at Port Kembla terminal 15. To protect the ozone layer .. Oman to regulate maintenance of "air conditioning" 16. Disposal of ozone-depleting substances in Egyptian factories 17. Launching of 5th edition of Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Montreal Protocol Award for Customs and Enforcement Officers for 2019-2020 18. Fondoin participó en III Congreso Venacor para impulsar la refrigeración sostenible en el país 19. Quebec to invest $90M to recycle old fridges, air conditioners