State of the Marine Environment and associated Economies CLME+ SOMEE in the Wider Caribbean - An Information Booklet. A Collaborative, Integrated Long-term reporting Mechanism

United Nations Environment Programme ; GEF CLME+ Project Coordination Unit (2018)

This booklet introduces a unique and first ever regional mechanism for assessment and reporting on the state of the marine environment and how the marine environment contributes to socio-economic development and human wellbeing. This mechanism, the main outputs of which will be an integrated report and interactive online platform, has been called for by the countries and by Intergovernmental Organizations with a mandate for ocean governance in the region. The aim of this booklet is to raise awareness about and increase stakeholder buy-in for the SOMEE mechanism. A description of the building blocks for the SOMEE mechanism, the assessment approach, and report outline is followed by examples of the kind of contents to be expected in the SOMEE report.

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