Promoting Gender-responsive Approaches to Natural Resource Management for Peace - Joint project in North Kordofan, Sudan: Interim Progress Report at October 2017

United Nations Environment Programme ; UN Women ; United Nations Development Programme (2017)

The Joint Project on Gender-Responsive Approaches to Natural Resource Management for Peace in Sudan is the first pilot project established by the global programme of the same name. It is implemented through an organizational partnership between UN Environment, UN Women and UNDP. Building on interventions conducted under UNDP’s Community Security and Stabilization Programme (C2SP), the Project seeks to strengthen women’s roles in local peacebuilding processes over natural resource-based conflicts by building women’s capacity to participate more effectively in local planning and decision-making bodies that govern access to and use of natural resources in Al Rahad, North Kordofan, a community that is beset by climate-related environmental degradation and increasing conflicts over natural resources. This report provides an update on the progress of implementation between the start of the project in March 2017 and end October 2017.

Project Documents