Proceedings of the ROPME Workshop on Coastal Area Development - UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 90. ROPME Publication No. GC-5/006

United Nations Environment Programme ; Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment (ROPME) (1988)

To monitor the effects of coastal development and to apply coastal resource management recommendations to the State of Bahrain, an inventory of the distribution and condition of all marine resources around Bahrain was undertaken. Satellite remote sensing was used, this being the latest and most efficient methodology available although having yet to be proven for this particular application. Such a full and detailed assessment of marine resources using remote sensing has never been achieved before. The satellite images created were reinforced and tested by helicopter and sea-truthing. Detailed studies of over 200 intertidal and subtidal habitats were undertaken. Species lists were evolved for all the major taxonomic groups. A final, detailed report was submitted to ROPME (The Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment), Kuwait. This report also included management recommendations for Bahrain's coastal resources; a database carrying physical, chemical and biological data for all the sites visited; a series of charts showing the distribution of all the intertidal and subtidal habitats along with areas of sensitivity and areas recommended for protection or development.

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