Afghanistan Environmental Data Center (AEDC) Fact Sheet

United Nations Environment Programme ; Estonian Development Cooperation ; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ; UK Aid Direct ; European Union ; Global Environment Facility (2015)

Stories about global and ecological change in Afghanistan are manifold but fact-based knowledge is still poor. At the same time, environmental changes like water shortages and warmer temperatures can already be felt. Fact-based decisions on adap-tation are urgently needed from the policy side. The AEDC is a multi-faceted initiative to support a fact-driven policy on adaptation. Initiated by the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) and UNEP, the Afghanistan Environmental Data Centre provides geospatial knowledge, technologies and infra- structure to all stakeholders engaged and interested in Afghan- istan’s sustainable future. The AEDC is based on several pillars with different state-of -the-art approaches for capacity building, technological support and networking in the environmental context which help to face the challenges of Global Change.