Mainstreaming Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production in Policies and Strategies of Rwanda

United Nations Environment Programme ; United Nations Industrial Development Organization (2011)

This report discusses Rwandan policies and strategies and the respective provisions and articles that are particularly relevant to the promotion of RECP. The description under each section highlights the strategic entry points that each of them provides for RECP and the possible limitations they may have for mainstreaming. Chapter 2 of this report makes a detailed review of the Rwanda Vision 2020 and the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2008-2012 and sectoral policies, legislation, plans, programmes and strategies that influence production sectors in the context of potential entry points as well as existing constraints for the promotion of RECP in Rwanda. The review covers the sectors of agriculture, environment and natural resources, water and sanitation, industry and SMEs based on a desktop study and consultations with sectoral policy and technical level stakeholders as Annex10. Chapter 3 presents a proposal based on the UNEP programmatic approach that includes recommendations of an institutional and policy integration framework for mainstreaming RECP from sector focal point persons at the technical stakeholder level and from Cabinet Ministers and Agency Heads at the policy level. The proposed institutional and policy frameworks and recommendations for economic and fiscal incentives, capacity building and support for SMEs as well as information and public education form the basis for the proposed mainstreaming strategy for RECP in Rwanda.

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