Building a Sustainable Financial System in the European Union: The Five ‘R’ s of Market and Policy Innovation for the Green Transition

United Nations Environment Programme (2016)

This report presents a stock-take of actions under way at the European Union level and in selected Member States to align the rules governing the financial system with environmental sustainability. Looking across the range of innovations across the EU, five broad policy priorities emerge. The central challenge of financing sustainable development in the EU is one of capital reallocation. Enhancing frameworks for risk management, clarifying the core responsibilities of financial institutions and improving reporting and disclosure across these dimensions will be necessary to fully unlock flows of sustainable finance. A growing number of Member States are delivering on individual aspects of these priorities, and others are acting within given asset classes. The debate is now advancing to the system level and the need for a strategic reset, seeking to link previously unconnected initiatives and to enhance the capacity of the financial system to support renewed economic competitiveness and improved sustainability performance. - See more at:

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