Responsible food purchasing: Four steps towards sustainability for the hospitality sector

United Nations Environment Programme (2015)

Responsible food sourcing, to be successful, requires cooperation. To achieve your selected sustainability targets fully, you will need to work closely with your supply chain, supporting your suppliers, incentivizing good practice and explaining to them why and how your business has committed to new standards of responsible environmental and social performance. This guidance document, entitled “Responsible Food Purchasing: Four Steps Towards Sustainability for the Hospitality Sector”, will help food purchasers to understand better the importance to their business of responsible food purchasing, while providing practical advice and guidance to enable them to make the right decisions and choices. This guidance outlines an approach to integrating food sustainability into your business, with practical steps, checklists and tips reinforced by case studies that provide valuable learning from those already embarked on responsible food purchasing. The resources listed at the end of the document will enable you to explore the wider sustainability agenda further, as responsible food purchasing remains a rapidly evolving field.