Judicial Handbook on Environmental Law

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) (2010)

This handbook is intended to enable national judges in all types of tribunals in both civil law and common law jurisdictions to identify environmental issues coming before them and to be aware of the range of options available to them in interpreting and applying the law. It seeks to provide judges with a practical guide to basic environmental issues that are likely to arise in litigation. It includes information on international and comparative environmental law and references to relevant cases. Judges in each particular country will supplement this overview with more detailed information drawn from national experiences, laws and traditions. The publication of the Judicial handbook on Environmental Law by UNEP is a response to the request made by the chief justices and other senior judges from some 100 countries who participated in eleven regional judges Symposiums on environmental law convened by UNEP during the period 1995-2002. The request was reiterated in the conclusions and recommendations that were submitted to the World Summit on Sustainable Development by the 2002 Global Judges Symposium held in Johannesburg. The publication was developed through judicial consultative meetings that were convened by UNEP in Rome (June 2003), London (August 2003) and New York (June 2004)