Emerging environmental issues - 2013

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) (2014)

UNEP’s monthly Global Environmental Alert (GEAS) bulletins ‘take the pulse of the planet’ and widely distribute the findings about environmental events and trends to the public. The science about the state of the planet’s health is presented in highly readable language, accompanied by clear graphics and stunning satellite imagery. The bulletins use sound scientific investigation to recognize important environmental trends and connect them to policy by uncovering the links to past human activity and the potential for future action. This 2013 Emerging Environmental Issues publication presents the 12 monthly bulletins in a single document, allowing readers to note and assess significant environmental events that took place that year. UNEP’s GEAS team carefully identified and selected these monthly issues by continuously scanning the scientific literature, focusing on policy relevant environmental hotspots, environmental science, and near real-time environmental hazards. They are organized around UNEP’s five themes: environmental governance, harmful substances and hazardous wastes, ecosystem management, climate change, disasters and conflicts, and resource efficiency. Each bulletin acknowledges UNEP’s team of authors and provides a full list of the scientific literature referenced.

Assessment Report