India: State of Environment Report - Andhra Pradesh

Government of India

Government of India initiated the SoE reporting process with all State Governments and Union Territories in India through a plan scheme in the Tenth Five-Year Plan. The process was started in October 2002 and included a more streamlined data collection and collation system, appropriate consultative processes, reporting system through a range of static and interactive media, and linking SoE reporting with logical follow-up decisions and action. The basic objective of the scheme was to bring out an overview of the environmental scenario of the States/UTs for policy and decision-making. It was anticipated that through the SoE Reports, State Governments and UT Administrations would be able to integrate environmental dimensions in their social, economic and sustainable development planning. A wide variety of geological formations occur in our state. In fact, the variety is so vast that all kinds of rocks from the oldest Archaen to the recent Alluvium are found in our state. India is a peninsular country is well known and a major portion of this peninsular shield lies in our state. Geological formations ranging from the oldest Archaens to the recent formations are found in this shield