Tonga - National Report for Third International Conference

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Tonga has endeavoured to meet most of its international responsibilities and obligations under the Barbados Plan of Action, Mauritius Strategy for Implementation, and Millennium Development Goal. Tonga has concerns for Climate Change and its impacts on the environment and the wellbeing of the communities. Non- communicable diseases are a major concern and Tonga has (21 – 24 April 2014)EARTHDAY_2014_REPORT.png,planting


environmental manageplanning and budgeting process which is to develop and promote a just, equitable and progressive society in which the people of Tonga enjoy good health, peace, harmony, and prosperity, in meeting their aspirations in life. This emulates sustainable development at national level but need institutional strengthening to implement and enforce its footings on the ground (local level). Further, sustainable development can be interpreted as a balanced progress that avail equal weight to political, social and economic progress. As such, Tonga would like to see that renewed political commitments for SIDS are equated with the necessary resources by the development partnersThis report aimed to support Tonga prepares for PSID meeting in July 2013. Further, this is Tongas first step towards the SIDS 2014. This report is built on previous preparatory processes and out particular the 5-year high level review of the Mauritius Strategy (MSI+5) in 2010, MDGs, and the UNCSD/Rio+20 in 2012. In addition, consultations were carried out to attain views of various stakeholders and interest groups.

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