Kiribati National Assessment Report On the Implementation of the BPOA, MSI+5, MDGs and Rio+20 for Sustainable Development in KIRIBATI

Mr Riteti Maninraka;Ms Meaua Namane Tooki (2013)

This National Assessment Report is the outcome of the stocktakingcarried outin May to June 2013 by two local consultants, commissioned by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The stocktakingfocused on the programs and implementationrequirements identified in the BPOA, MSI+5, MDGs and Rio+20in terms of how as well as the extent to which they have been adopted and implemented by Kiribati. These programs include but are not limited to the following: (a) climate change and sea level rise;(b) natural and environmental disasters

(c) management of wastes

(d) coastal and marine resources

(e) freshwater resources

(f) land resources

(g) energy resources

(h) tourism, biodiversity;(i) transportation and communication;(J) Human Resource Development

and(k) Health. The report structure follows the UN Cooperation in Kiribati standard structure with seven main sections:Section2has two parts: (a) the first part presents the country context in terms of itsgeographical characteristics, population and demography, political and economic situations

whilst (b) the second part presents the global programs and national framework for sustainable development. Section 3 presents Kiribatis progress in connection with the implementation of the Global Sustainable Development Programs, including National Monitoring & Coordination Mechanisms for Overseas Development Assistance/Programs. Section 4presents the Emerging Challenges/Issues to sustainable development whilst Section 5presents Kiribatis post-2015 Sustainable Development Priorities. The reports Conclusion and Recommendations are covered under Section 6 and Section 7, respectively.

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