Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI): National Report for Third International Conference

Republic of the Marshall Islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2013)

Vision 2018, the RMIs strategic development plan framework (2003-2018), provides the broad policyand planning framework against which progress achieved or not under various national, regional andinternational programmes of action, including the Barbados Plan of Action (BPoA) and the Mauritius Strategy of Implementation (MSI), can be measured. Taken together, the goals and objectives of Vision 2018 address the four pillars of sustainable development Economic Inclusiveness, Social Inclusiveness, Environmental Sustainability, and Peace and Security that serve as a guide in the post-2015 discussions of development. This report represents the RMIs first step toward preparing for the 2014 SIDS International Conference. That said, Vision 2018 informs the RMIs ongoing sector planning process. The RMI Government has also begun work on a National Strategic Plan (NSP) to articulate its medium term development goals and strategies. The NSP will aim to set out where the RMI Government wants to be in three/four years, and the design to get there, in line with the overall objectives of Vision 2018.

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