Changes in the State of Conservation of Mt. Kenya Forests: 1999-2002

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), DICE, KFWG, United Nations Environment Programme (2003)

In 1999, Kenya Wildlife Service, with support from UNEP, undertook a systematic aerial survey of the forests of Mt. Kenya. The findings of the survey revealed extensive forest destruction across the mountain ecosystem. As a strategic response, Mt. Kenya forests were afforded the enhanced protection status of a National Reserve in July 2000 and placed under the management of Kenya Wildlife Service. This report reviews the changes in the state of conservation of Mt. Kenya since 2000. The objectives of this report in monitoring the changes in Mt. Kenya forests are: - To assess changes in the state of conservation of Mt. Kenya forests since 1999

- To assess the effectiveness of the new management practices put in place on Mt. - To identify emerging or prevalent threats to conservation of the forests

and, - To recommend interventions in support of the conservation of forests.

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