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Decision Time Cloud Forests

dc.contributor.authorUnited Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
dc.descriptionAt a Tropical Montane Cloud Forest workshop held at Cambridge, U.K. in July 1998, 30 scientists, professional managers, and NGO conservation group members representing more than 14 countries and all global regions, concluded that there is insufficient public and political awareness of the status and values of Tropical Montane Cloud Forests (TMCF). The group suggested that a science-based pop-doc could be an effective initial action to remedy this. What follows is a response to that recommendation. It documents some of the scientific information that will be of interest to other scientists and managers of TMCF, but not overwhelming for a lay reader who is seeking to become more informed about these remarkable ecosystems. The purpose of this booklet, therefore, is to: Impart an understanding of what these TMCFs are and how they function, based on the best science currently available, incomplete though that information is
dc.descriptionEngender an appreciation of the values of TMCFs and why they are important to humans and our biological consorts on this planet Earth
dc.descriptionDevelop an awareness of the forces that threaten these ecosystems and cause the losses that are resulting from our resource development activities
dc.descriptionArouse a concern that will influence the way and speed with which research, management, protection and policy are carried out.
dc.subjecttropical forest
dc.subjecttropical ecosystem
dc.subjecttropical forest ecosystem
dc.subjecttropical rain forest
dc.subjectforest conservation
dc.subjectforest cover destruction
dc.subjectforest ecosystem
dc.subjectforest exploitation
dc.subjectforest management
dc.subjectforest resource
dc.subjectforest policy
dc.subject.classificationEcosystem Management
dc.titleDecision Time Cloud Forests
dc.typeReports and Books
wd.identifier.sdgSDG 15 - Life on Land

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