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Draft Zambian Standard - Plastic carrier bags and flat bags - specification

dc.contributor.authorZambia Bureau of Standards
dc.descriptionHaving a clean and healthy environment is in the interest of all persons in Zambia. The failure to use plastics responsibly means that the parties involved in the plastics value chain – manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers, and consumers are denying Zambians their right to a clean environment. However, plastics products pose disposal concerns. Discarded plastic products and packaging make up a growing portion of municipal and solid waste. Because of its resistance to degradation, improper plastic disposal can have a particularly serious effect in the environment, leading to clogged sewers and the constant outbreak of various diseases. Burnt chlorinated plastics are the main sources of the most toxic gases known as furans and dioxins. It is against this background that this standard on Plastic Carrier Bags and Flat Bags has been developed.
dc.publisherZambia Bureau of Standards
dc.subjectplastic waste; plastic; solid waste; solid waste disposal; hazardous waste; hazardous waste dump; waste dumping; waste management;waste minimisation; waste reduction; waste treatment
dc.subject.classificationHarmful Substances
dc.subject.classificationEcosystem Management
dc.titleDraft Zambian Standard - Plastic carrier bags and flat bags - specification
dc.typeReports and Books
wd.identifier.sdgSDG 3 - Good Health and Well-being

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