Ecosystems and biodiversity in deep waters and high Seas: regional seas report and studies

UNEP ; IUCN (2006)

The report summarizes the current knowledge about ecosystems and biodiversity in deep waters and high seas, which cover around 95% of the oceans. The conservation and sustainable use/management of these marine areas and the resources they harbour has become a critical issue in the light of the increasing human footprint and impacts caused by a multitude of activities, ranging from fisheries to climate change. The report provides policy makers with a factual description of the main deep water and open oceans ecosystems and the threats they are facing from current and emerging uses. It furthermore outlines the international legal and governance system formed by the various conventions and agencies within and outside the UN system, and the options, tools and good practices which could be applied for the protection and sustainable management of deep water and high seas marine biodiversity.

Technical Report