The Potential of Bio-fuel in Uganda: An assessment of land resources for bio-fuel feedstock suitability

National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) - Uganda (2010)

Bio-fuel production is roofing in Uganda amidst problems of malnutrition and looming food insecurity, and environmental degradation. Meanwhile, controversy surrounds the sustainability of bio-fuels as source of bio-fuel in Uganda with proponents and opponents having convincing reasons. There is concern that bio-fuel feedstock production is likely to aggravate food insecurity and environmental degradation. It is also apparent that bio-fuels can provide clean transportation fuel while contributing to rural poverty alleviation. Given the above circumstances, adequate studies are required to determine the amount of feedstock or energy the agricultural and forestry sector can sustainably provide, the adequacy of land resources of Uganda to produce the quantity of biomass needed to meet demands for food, feed, fiber and also to provide energy. This study was conducted under the framework of the National Environment Information Network with a major objective of assessing the suitability of land resources for bio-fuel production and identifying relevant policy options that seek to integrate bio-fuel feedstock production into the land use planning process.

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