Handbook of Environmental Law

United Nations Environment Programme (1997)

This Handbook is intended to be a handy reference book of up-to-date information on environmental law. It provides a source of quick and easy reference for governments, institutions, NGOs and the public needing to use basic environmental law texts in the course of their daily work. It brings together key policy documents, texts of major legal instruments in the field of environmental law and sustainable development as well as basic texts in the field of international law, indispensable for carrying out work in environmental law. It is divided thematically into four parts. Part One is entitled UNEP's Environmental Law Programme. It contains the texts of the documents which deal with UNEP's programme in environmental law and institutions. These are grouped in two sections. Section 1, UNEP's Legislative Authority in Environmental Law, contains those documents which set out UNEP's authority to take action in the field of environmental law. These are relevant General Assembly Resolutions, UNEP Governing Council Decisions and relevant extracts from Agenda 21. Section 2, UNEP's Activities in Environmental Law 1993-1995, discusses UNEP's current and on-going activities in respect of international legal instruments, national legislation and institutions, training, education and information, and policy statements.

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