UNEP's Role in Environmental Exposure and Risk Assessment of Pesticides: An Evaluation of International Organizations Work and the Needs of Developing Countries, including the Feasibility of Environmental Hazard Classification and Labelling - Final Report

United Nations Environment Programme (1994)

This document has been aimed at fulfilling these terms of reference. To study in detail the above described activity of IPCS and FAO as well as other related activities carried out by other organizations, such as the pesticide project of the OECD; To identify which are the specific needs of countries, especially developing countries, to more effectively assess environmental risks and exposures of pesticides; To recommend to UNEP if and in which ways the programme can best contribute to the overall efforts to satisfy these needs and formulate the objectives of the recommended activities; To further identify the specific tasks which need to be carried out by UNEP to meet these objectives and to estimate the resources needed to do so at a short, medium and long-term bases; To make a preliminary study of the feasibility of environmental hazard classification and labelling and its applicability and practical value for countries, in particular developing countries; and To prepare a report of the findings and recommendations to UNEP.

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