REPORT OF THE MEETING - Meeting of MAP Focal Points, UNEP(DEC)/MED WG. 320/23

UNEP/MAP (19/10/2007)

Comment on the progress report on activities for the period 2006-2007 and consider some specific matters including: the draft Governance Paper, the draft Strategy Declaration, options for the future of the MCSD, a draft new protocol on ICZM, a draft decision on compliance procedures and mechanisms, a new reporting format, the draft Guidelines for liability and compensation for damage resulting from marine pollution, a draft decision on the application of the ecosystem approach, the operational documents of MED POL Phase IV, the implementation of NAPs and preparation of legally binding measures under the Article 15 of the LBS Protocol, guidelines on pollution from pleasure-craft activities, guidelines on the decision-making process for granting access to a place of refuge for ships in need of assistance, the update of three action plans for protected species, the action plan on protecting the coralligenous and other calcareous bio-concretions, the review and update of the SPAMI list, the amendment of the Biodiversity Protocol Annexes and other issues.

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